The Equation

What we do with our lives depends on the stimuli our brain’s are exposed to and the information contained on our genome. Think of the human race as walking, talking computers, and life as being a game about finding what group of variables (and their relationships with our dependent variable- quality of life) works best for each individual. Each persons concoction of inputs will vary depending on their morals, purpose of life and their drive to achieve that purpose. Solving the equation means to MATCH AS MANY PEOPLE WITH THEIR DESIRABLE: LIVELIHOOD AND GROWTH STIMULUS. This means that we want to allow people to live the life they choose and once financially free from external time constraints, connect them with things they want to learn or experience. This will make someone content.

We also realised that if we give other people the opportunity to give people in their networks of people the opportunity to achieve this same contentment that our service and strategy can provide, then we can help a larger amount of people.

These are a few virtues of Life’s Equation, and they are three fundamental tools for us as conscious human beings to use as we fulfil our purpose, in order to reach our destiny…

  1. Enlightenment:

    An end to suffering through developing the mind, learning new perspectives and in turn becoming more empathetic. This a feeling of complete self-contentment as the body has removed all desire, ill-will and ignorance out of the mind to set the perfect canvas for: Learning, Thinking and Creating.

  2. Strength:

    “The capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure”, the more understanding we have about the current consciousness, the more resistance we have against these external forces and pressures life throws at us. This is strength.

  3. Wisdom:

    The ability to pass on experience, knowledge and good judgement to others in order to raise the understanding of the human race.


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